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CyberSlueth-Kids Site Review (Inactive)



 A comprehensive educational search engine, directory and homework helper for the K-12 student. Search from thousands of carefully selected subject-specific internet sites. It is a virtual library and reference tool that provides easy access to safe sites.

Traffic statistics for the website over the last 12 months (from SemRush):

This report was from a few days ago:

From the website:

And this one is from today a few days later (not sure why the difference):

I also checked a number of video links for pages on the Cyberslueth-kids.com website and all of the links I checked were broken which more than likely indicates they have been removed, possibly to conserve space and save money. Possibly the site is still earning a small amount of revenue from ads.

This has a search capability. It appears to be a search only of a preset group of articles and select kid-friendly websites. It also appears to be stale or out-of-date. The copyright at the bottom of the home page is from 2016. It appears the site hasn’t been updated in a while. 

I performed a search for “President Trump” and it returned no results. All of the webpages referenced from the search capability are stale to one degree or another. Even those that reference pages outside of the cyberslueth-kids.com domain seem to be out of date. As an example, there is a page on Scottish History. It is:


On that webpage, there is the following link to a “new” newsletter. The newsletter is dated “26 August 2017”. 

I researched who owned the domain on “whois.net” but it is registered to an internet services company. This is a common tactic to hide who the real owner is. It does imply anything is out of order just that some people do not want to publicly declare their ownership of a website. 

There is no about page or contact page on the website that might help in further identifying if the pages are still actively maintained.

I would love to correct this perception if someone would contact me and clarify the status of the website. 

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