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WHO Recommendations for Screen Time Sleep Exercise

World Health Organization Recommendations for Children Under 5 for Physical Activity, Sleep, and Sedentary...

The overall goals of these guidelines are to provide recommendations on the amount of time in a 24-hour day that young children, under 5 years of age, should spend being physically active or sleeping for their health and well-being, and the maximum recommended time these children should spend on screen-based sedentary activities or time restrained.
Family Media Plan and Media Time Calculator

American Academy of Pediatrics Family Media Plan Creator and Media Time Calculator

Overview The American Academy of Pediatrics has created two tools to help families with screen time issues.
Screen Time Children pexels-photo-3536480

American Academy of Pediatrics Screen Time Recommendations and Tips

Screen time recommendations: This is a reference post so that as I post articles over the coming weeks about screen time...
Punkt MP02 Cell Phone

Punkt MP02 Minimalist Phone Review

If you are looking for a true minimalist phone, you might not need to look any further than the Punkt MP 02. This...
Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors for 2020

For everyone, especially seniors, the “best phone plan” will depend on what features you want, what price tolerance you have, what kind of pone you want to carry, etc.

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Born and Raised I was born and raised in Southern California in east San Diego county, the fifth of 6 kids...
Unplug Box for Families

Cell Phone “Unplug Box” for Families

Need Some Facetime With Your Family Have you ever sat around at a family event and been a...

Best Simple Phones for Seniors for 2020

Phones for Seniors Which phone is the best simple phone for a senior is not a single answer....
Social Media Logos

Curriculum for Parents and Educators to Identify and Teach If and When Social Media...

As a parent or educator, you have probably asked yourself “is social media bad for teens?” You may be wondering what resources...