Cell Phone “Unplug Box” for Families

Unplug Box for Families

Need Some Facetime With Your Family

Have you ever sat around at a family event and been a little frustrated that everyone was on their cell phones not talking to each other while sitting in the same room? My wife is especially sensitive to this happening in our home. As a result, in my efforts to find her a thoughtful Christmas gift, I ran across a company that created customizable wood products. The one that caught my eye was a box for placing everyone’s cell phones. It is called an “unplug box” and allows everyone to focus back on the family or whoever they are with at the moment.

There are a couple of different versions of the “unplug box”. The one I got has a lid and comes with a small lock. I guess it’s the one for extreme cases of cell phone attention deficit disorder.

Here is the one I got for my wife:

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Family “unplug box” from Cades and Birch

She says she “LOVES IT”, so I am taking her word for it. As you can see it came with a small lock just to make sure no one is sneaking their phones out. I was able to customize the front to add the “at grandma’s house”.

If you like this idea and want to have one for yourself or as a gift, below is the link where you can buy them. They sell all their products on Amazon. The one I bought comes in a variety of wood colors and finishes.

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You Can Get Your Own “Unplug Box”

These are affiliate links to the products on Amazon.

Personalized Unplug Box – Family Phone Lock Up

Here is a different version of the family “unplug box” without the lid or the lock and key that I also considered.

Unplug Box Rustic Wood Planter – Personalized Family Cell Phone Holder

Here’s to hoping you have some enjoyable “unplugged” family/group conversation time in your future.

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Terry has been an entrepreneur in the IT industry for over30 years. Go here to read his complete personal story, “Husband, father, Grandfather and IT Executive.” If you want to send Terry a quick message visit the contact page Here.

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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