Curriculum for Parents and Educators to Identify and Teach If and When Social Media Is Bad for Teens and Proper Etiquette and Technology Use

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Curriculum for Parents and Educators to Identify and Teach If and When Social Media Is Bad for Teens and Proper Etiquette and Technology Use

As a parent or educator, you have probably asked yourself “is social media bad for teens?” You may be wondering what resources are available, how you can teach your teens’ proper social media etiquette, and which are the best social media apps for teens.

Helping you and Your Teen to Understand Proper Social Media Use

I found this excellent resource for parents and teens describing the proper, healthy use of social media. This curriculum is a series of 5 downloadable PDF Study Guides each with an accompanying video. Research performed suggests that social media use can have dramatically different effects on teens depending on how they use it. This is a series aimed at helping you and your teen understand the proper, constructive use of social media.

Each study sheet describes the resources you will need for the lesson (video, paper, pencil, etc.). There is then a journaling process for each lesson and a series of questions to spark thoughts and responses. There are also assignments with each lesson to put the lesson concepts into action.

The lessons can be done individually or as a group in a classroom setting.

This information is found on the website of Sarah M. Coyne Ph.D. A professor of Human Development.

The Curriculum

The introduction from the website states:

“Here are some resources for teaching social media literacy. It is important to know how to approach social media and how to use it in a healthy way, and so here is a curriculum to help you know how to be social media savvy!”

The lesson titles are:

  1. Media Literacy: Introduction
  2. When I Use Social Media: Managing Time
  3. Why I Use Social Media: Being Active
  4. Why I Use Social Media: Using Social Media for the Right Reasons
  5. Feeling Good About Yourself and Strengthening Relationships on Social Media

Everything described here can be found at:

Let me know what you think of these resources and your experience using them with your teen or in a group setting.

About the Author:

Terry has been an entrepreneur in the IT industry for over30 years. Go here to read his complete personal story, “Husband, father, Grandfather and IT Executive.” If you want to send Terry a quick message visit the contact page Here.

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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