Dib Dab Doo a Kid-friendly/Kid-safe Search Website: Overview

A kid-friendly, human-curated search website created by a parent to control objectionable content for kids.
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Website link: http://dibdabdoo.com/

About Page: http://www.dibdabdoo.com/about-dibdabdoo.html

If you want to set Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too as your Chrome default search engine (see my explanation here) you will need the following text as part of that process.

“URL with %s in place of query” = http://www.dibdabdoo.com/search.php?cx=partner-pub-5922622313453553%3Atlkiec-xubl&cof=FORID%3A9&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=%s&sa=&siteurl=dibdabdoo.com%2F&ref=&ss=0j0j1


Dib Dab Doo is a kid-friendly search site based on Google Custom Search. It uses the same technology as almost all the other kid-friendly and kid-safe websites list in our review. It references only websites that are human-curated which greatly limits the results available. However, as a parent, that may suit your needs and interests. There are approximately 500,000 websites added to the internet each day. This means it is impossible to keep up in any real way with the growth of the internet. Many if not most of those websites that are added each would not be suitable for kids but some of them would contain useful and relevant information for children.

This site was created by a parent when they witnessed their child perform a search for “groovy chick” that returned what they felt were very unsuitable content. As a result of that experience, this website was created. The very restrictive nature of the results seems also to be based on that experience. Dib Dab Doo definitely leans toward excluding objectionable content versus providing abundant information. That is, after all, the trade off that must be made.

Stated Objective:

“The web is a huge place where children can be easily misled and taken advantage of. I know you will agree when I say there is a great need for engines such as Dibdabdoo.com to keep our children safe online. More and More kids are using the net every day, so as parents it’s imperative we educate our kids about online dangers. Visit The Safety Tips Page.

No search engine can guarantee 100% safety as sites can be sold, domains can be re-registered or simply the webmaster of a site decides to change the site’s content. I can say that all the search results within this site have been reviewed and classified by human beings.”

About Dib Dab Doo:

At the bottom of the first page of each set of search results is a link to execute your same search on Google without any of the protections offered by Dib Dab Doo. This seems like an open invitation for kids to unknowingly exit the kid-friendly search site and be exposed to the full internet. I question whether this is a desirable feature for a Kid-oriented site presumably used by parents that are attempting to avoid regular Google searches.


Dib Dab Doo takes the same general approach as other kid-friendly search sites that use Google Custom Search. They have a search bar where search terms are entered, the search button is pressed, and the results are returned. Google allows for some customization of the look and feel of the returned results but only very minimally. So the search results look just like a Google search page, including ads.

The home page also includes topics related to kids and homework that are quick links to common search terms.

The site is easy to use and navigate. There are additional footer links to “Safety Tips” and Safety Links”.


Dib Dab Doo uses Google Custom Search. I cannot identify whether Dib Dab Doo also uses Googles’ SafeSearch feature which blocks sexually explicit content. Dib Dab Doo also uses human-curated content in all their searches. As I understand their process based on their description, they human-curate all websites and add them to a white list. All other sites would be excluded from possible search results.

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About the Author:

Terry has been an entrepreneur in the IT industry for over30 years. Go here to read his complete personal story, “Husband, father, Grandfather and IT Executive.” If you want to send Terry a quick message visit the contact page Here.

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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