Duck Duck Go a Privacy-Focused Search Process: Overview

This is not a kid-friendly search engine as I describe it. It does not filter or block explicit content.
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If you want to set Duck Duck Go as your Chrome default search engine (see my explanation here) you will need the following text as part of that process.

“URL with %s in place of query” =


I include Duck Duck Go in the review because I see it mentioned in other reviews under kid-friendly categories. This is not a kid-friendly search engine as I describe it. It does not filter or block explicit content. One or two seemingly innocuous searches will quickly demonstrate that the returned search results are full Google search results.

Duck Duck Go is focused on privacy in browsing. It has a website, Chrome plugin and apps for Apple and Android that block search engines from collecting browsing history and other data when you search the internet. It is possible to use Google SafeSearch when doing a Duck Duck Go search in Chrome the same as a regular Chrome-based search.

Stated Objective:

“Our Mission: Too many people believe that you simply can’t expect privacy on the Internet. We disagree and have made it our mission to set a new standard of trust online.”

About Duck Duck Go:

Duck Duck Go is a privacy application, not a kid-friendly search website. It could be argued that the browsing data that companies collect while your kids are browsing is a problem and controlling that information is more kid-friendly. However, the general use of the kid-friendly description is controlling or eliminating sexual explicit, violent or other content that is generally agreed to not be suitable for kids.


If you use the apps for mobile devices or if you download the Chrome extension then the usability is just like using a native browser. No further explanation is required. You can see from the two images below that the search results are not exactly the same. This could be because of the lack of information provided to Google about who is performing the search when done through Duck Duck Go. Google will customize to some degree the results based on the profile of the person executing the search.

First, here is the Google search for “dinosaur”:

A screenshot of a social media post

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Here is the Duck Duck Go search for “dinosaurs”:

A screenshot of a social media post

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You can see slight differences in the results.


Duck Duck go is a website primarily but it also has a Chrome Plug-in that modifies the behavior of your Chrome browser to provide privacy constantly in your browsing. There is also an app available for Apple devices, Android devices and as an add on to Google’s Chrome browser.

Search engines like Google (which executes over 90% of internet searches worldwide) track an amazing amount of information about your online activity. You have probably read articles or have noticed yourself that advertisements you are presented on almost any website you visit correspond with some recent online activity. Google tracks which sites you visit, how long you are there, what advertisements you click on, what things you search for etc. If you want to read more about what is tracked, look here. Duck Duck Go is working to take that information away from the search engines and keep your activates private. This doesn’t stop you from seeing advertisements on webpages you visit but it would theoretically limit the targeting and effectiveness of that advertising.

There are a variety of other reasons that privacy advocates want to control or block access to browsing and other online activities but I won’t go into all those here.

Traffic most recent 12 months according to SEMrush:

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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