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For us, as parents, to keep current it has become a full-time job with the constantly changing array of apps, games, websites, technologies, trends, software, hardware, etc. I have found that we are generally behind our children to one degree or another in terms of understanding, using, and controlling technology. We want to do the right thing, the thing that is best for our children, but we are often unsure of what is the right thing. We frequently do not understand how to control and monitor the technology we feel compelled to put into our children’s hands. We are also unsure of what best practices are or how other parents are dealing with these issues effectively. We feel intuitively that we should monitor or control or restrict certain activities, but we are not sure how to do it, or they feel like we will be the only ones thus alienating our child from their social group.

The purpose of this blog is to equip parents with information, understanding, research analysis and courage in order to educate, monitor and control their children’s digital experience according to their specific parenting style and needs. I will try to answer questions about parental controls, games, apps, what current research teaches us, and digital best practices. We will talk about trending topics that affect your children today. We will discuss important research as it becomes available. I will share with you how to monitor and control our children’s digital experience and communicate with them how in order to arrive at the most positive outcome.

I created this blog to help parents offer their children the best possible digital experience and to assist parents who want to equip their children with the tools they need in their own lives as they mature into adults making their own digital decisions.

My name is Terry Preece. My wife and I are the parents of 6 children and currently 8 grandchildren and counting. My children are all adults at this point ranging in age from 20 to 35. My grandchildren are between newborn and 11 years old. I have worked in the IT industry for the last 35 years mostly creating custom commercial software for businesses. My degree is in Information Management where I have spent my career as a programmer, manager, and executive. Although I am not a true technology native, I have been immersed in technology since shortly after the very first IBM personal computer hit the mass market in 1981. I can research and understand current technology. I am also a volunteer with my church and work mostly with teenagers even doing some counseling with them and their parents. I interact with their parents regularly and we often discuss their concerns and struggles. You will not be surprised that most of these issues revolve around the proper use, control and monitoring of technology in their lives.

My goal is to post several times a week and welcome your input regarding topics you are dealing with in your family today that I can research and help you understand. I will review products, share important research and articles, teach about using parental controls, warn you about areas of current concern and do my best to make our digital world make a little more sense. In our journey together it is my goal that we can all help our kids and grandkids have a safe, enjoyable, rewarding, age-appropriate and productive digital experience.

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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