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Their stated objective is: “Our mission is simple: to provide a safe search for the learning mind of future generations!”
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Website link: https://www.juniorsafesearch.com/

About Page: https://www.juniorsafesearch.com/about

If you want to set Kid’s Search as your Chrome default search engine (see my explanation here) you will need the following text as part of that process.

“URL with %s in place of query” = https://www.juniorsafesearch.com/search?q=%s

Here is another option in the category of kid-friendly and kid-safe search engines. I have previously provided a list of all of the kid-friendly search engines of note available generally if you want to have a better internet search experience.

Like the others on the list of kid-safe search engines, Junior Safe Search uses Google technology to provide these filtered search results. As I outlined earlier in my article explaining kid-friendly and kid-safe search engines, Google has provided tools for general use by anyone interested in providing a filtered search experience.

As with all the kid-friendly search websites created and maintained by private parties, you are at the mercy of the taste and decisions of those who run and maintain the website. Your perspective on what is acceptable, objectionable and appropriate may be different from their perspective.

Stated Objective:

Also from the Junior Safe Search website:

Who We Are .
Junior Safe Search is a search engine for kids created by two parents and their family living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Our goal is to provide a safe search and educational resource allowing ours and your children to learn; utilizing the internet in a safe and suitable environment. We use the power of Google’s SafeSearch™ technology which filters sites that contain explicit content not suitable for children. Along with using SafeSearch™ technology, we are constantly searching and applying our own set of filters against the search results to protect children further against malicious content online. Even with our efforts and the power of Google SafeSearch™ technology, Junior Safe Search is not 100% bullet proof. We do our best to keep our filters as comprehensive and up to date as much as possible, but every so often malicious content does slip through the filters. If you do find bad content, please fill out our bad website form and we will be happy to create filters against it right away! We are open to your feedback and suggestions, please drop us a line anytime – we love to hear from you! * Junior Safe Search uses Google Custom Search but is not affiliated with Google Inc.


Typical of kid-friendly search websites, Junior Safe Search has a search bar and a search button to execute the search. The results of this page are then passed to Google to produce results based on having Google Safesearch turned on and using the whitelist and blacklist created in Google Custom Search Engine by Junior Safe Search. Some of these search engines preprocess the query to exclude some search terms. The interface I simple and easily accessed.

Junior Safe Search Bar

In addition to their regular search capabilities, Junior Safe Search also has a series of buttons in the upper right-hand corner of their home page which are quick links to three interesting searches. Seen below, these searches include a “Word of the day”, “Quote of the day”, and “Today in history”. These are sometimes fun for kids and adults to learn interesting facts or to broaden their horizons a little bit.

Junior Safe Search Features

The results returned by Junior Safe Search are formatted the same as other websites that use Google’s Custom Search Engine (CSE). The first few entries in the search results are advertisements from Google. There are two tabs presented to the user, one that contains web search results (text) and one that contains images that match the search criteria. Google also provides Safesearch and Custom Search Engine filtering for images so that they can also be presented with the same filtering logic applied.


Google basically provides two tools that are used generally by these search sites.

The first is an option available to everyone with Google calls Safesearch. This is a filtering process configured by Google to remove inappropriate content from search results. “Inappropriate” as defined by Google. SafeSearch definitely helps some content that you would not want appearing in search results that your children would be seeing. It is a good and useful service. However, for most parents, it is not enough.

The second tool Google has provided is known as Google Custom Search Engine or CSE. CSE allows the user to configure exactly which websites may have their results included or excluded from the search results of a given query. A website like Junior Safe Search creates a website. Then they turn on Google Safesearch which filters some of the objectionable content out of the results returned from Google. Then they create a Google Custom Search Engine which allows them to specify which websites they will allow in their results. Good uses their whitelist and blacklist websites to further filter the results it returns according to their specific lists.

With Google Custom Search, if you are a non-profit, educational or Government entity, then you can receive search results from Google without advertisements embedded. In any other case, the results returned will include ads based on Google’s logic for matching ads with search criteria. The only website that I am aware of that has registered as a non-profit and therefore is able to exclude ads from their Google search results is Kids’ Search. But there are a number of good options available as well.

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Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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