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Self-described as a web directory of websites for homework with links for teachers and parents as well.
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As you can see below the stated objective is to help with homework. Because of this, the focus of the home page is on curated content broken out into interest groups. For example, the home page has links for “Students, Young Children, Teachers, Parents Resources, PowerPoints for Learning, Online Videos for Learning”. If I select the “Students” area of the website I am then presented with another screen of links to further refine my search. However, within 3 clicks from the main screen, I had navigated to “” which is listed as a search engine. At this point, I am no longer on the Kidinfo website and no longer in a controlled search environment. Drilling down into these pages of links always takes you to a website outside of Kidinfo. It is a select group of curated websites but these do not constitute searching the internet.

At the bottom of the home page is a search bar. Kidinfo uses Google Custom Search for their search engine as do almost all of the other search engines known to be kid-friendly. As with almost all the other kid-friendly websites they are required to display Google ads at the top of their search results screen. In addition, there are advertisements placed on the home page and links to ad resources. This is not unusual and is the most common way for kid-friendly websites to finance their ongoing cost of operation.

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From the website Kidinfo’s primary objective is as a homework helper for pre-K-12:

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Kidinfo is owned and operated by a retired (as of 2007) teacher named Linda. It is self-described as a “web directory” which I think is a pretty good way of describing this website. It does have search capability as well. It has resources listed for a variety of groups like Students, Teachers, and Parents.


Since Kidinfo is a website it can be accessed from any browser with no need to install anything locally. It can also be set up as the default page so that your child will have this as their home page anytime they open a browser.

Kidinfo is organized slightly differently from most of the other kid-friendly search sites. It first lists the groups of website links separated by interest groups.

After the web directory links, it then presents the search bar which is “Powered by Google Custom Search”.


Kidinfo uses Google Custom Search. I cannot identify whether Kidinfo also uses Googles’ SafeSearch feature which blocks sexually explicit content.

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Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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