KidRex a Kid-friendly/Kid-safe Search Website: Overview

KidRex provides Goggle search results for kids by using Google Custom Search and Google SafeSearch.
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KidRex is a website which means you can use it without installing any local software. It is available in any browser. It can be set as the default search page for your local browser like any of the other kid-friendly search sites from our list. That means it also has limitations that it shares with all of the kid-friendly and kid-safe search websites. There is no actual control to stop ordinary non-kid-friendly internet searches. If the user types their search terms into the browser search bar rather than the webpage search bar then all of the protections that the website offers are quickly bypassed either intentionally or accidentally.

Websites as control mechanisms alone are not terribly effective at controlling access to inappropriate content. However, as part of a comprehensive set of monitoring and control layers, they can be an important tool. Certainly, these kid-friendly search websites offer more confidence to parents than regular internet-wide unfiltered search results.

KidRex is housed on the website. looks like it sells or recommends various alarm systems. There are links on the main KidRex home page for “Best Home Security Systems, Medical Alert Systems, Best Security Cameras, and Best Wireless Security Systems”.

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Stated Objective:

“’s goal is to provide friendly and easy to use to resources for both online and offline safety. Our team of experts posts new information all the time with the goal of helping you live a safer, more secure life.”

About KidRex:

KidRex does not currently have an image search option, only text search. At the time of writing this, KidRex professional version is currently being reimagined as a brand new service.


KidRex is very straight forward. The home page pictured below has a search bar and a search button. Enter the search term and press enter or click the button. Google ads are displayed at the top of the search results as a result of their using Google custom search as their search engine.

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KidRex uses Google Custom Search. KidRex also uses Googles’ SafeSearch feature which blocks sexually explicit content.

KidRex has a layer on top of Google Safe Search which detects the keywords that are submitted in the search field. When the user hits the search button, both systems will check against a database of disallowed keywords. If a keyword is not in this database, then the search query is forwarded to Google’s servers for access to websites that are appropriate for children.


Kidrex search results

Traffic most recent 12 months according to SEMrush:

Please note this traffic graph is for and not specifically for KidRex search. The tools I have available are not able to break out the search page separately. Therefore, the traffic for the KidRex search is somewhat less than this graph shows.

Kidrex visits last 12 months

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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