“Kid’s Search” or Kidssearch.com, a Kid-friendly/Kid-safe Search Website: Overview

Kid-friendly and kid-safe search websites powered by Google Custom Search and Google Safesearch.
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Website link: www.kidssearch.com

About Page: https://kidssearch.com/About.html

If you want to set Kid’s Search as your Chrome default search engine (see my explanation here) you will need the following text as part of that process.

“URL with %s in place of query” = http://www.kidssearch.com/WebSearch.html?s=%s


In the category of kid-friendly and kid-safe search engines, this is an excellent option. All of the kid-focused search sites have the same issues to try to overcome. They are working to limit exposure to inappropriate content while providing a rich search capability.

Kid’s Search is an effort undertaken by a group of individuals in the form of a non-profit. This allows them to take advantage of Google Custom Search while also avoiding advertisements that are required for general usage of Google search tools. Being a non-profit also requires them to work under explicit government regulations.

I highly recommend this site as it has all the features of the other kid-friendly, kid-safe search websites but it has the added advantage of no advertisements. This is the only kid-friendly website I have found that has taken the path of a non-profit in order to eliminate ads.

Stated Objective:

“It is our mission to create a safe platform for children to explore the Internet.”

About Kid’s Search:

Kidssearch.com is a website dedicated to providing the best possible search experience for kids. For kid-safe and kid-friendly search engines, it is always a compromise between offering the widest possible search while protecting young web surfers from inappropriate content.

The site can run ad-free since it is run as a non-profit and uses Google Custom Search. The site supports a cause known as CCFC which stands for “Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood”. They seek donations to partially support the site and its efforts to provide a kid-friendly and kid-safe search site. The staff consists of volunteers and the operational expenses are funded through donations. So, this is an effort by a group to produce something they feel is important to the internet community to have available.


The primary search screen has sections for types of searches, the main search bar, and other useful links. In some cases, it can look a little cluttered for kids but on the other hand, it may help point them in a useful direction so that they can more quickly arrive at the content they are actually looking for.

The top section has four search groupings or areas which allow for searching the web generally, pictures, videos, or games:

The main search bar is large and prominent and has a large font that is better suited to kids.

The bottom section of the screen has a list of useful links to aide kids in their search process.


Kid’s Search uses Google Custom Search as a non-profit which allows them to provide search results without advertisements. Google allows non-profits to forego advertisements without having to pay the normal fees.

Kid’s Search also uses Googles SafeSearch feature which works to block sexually explicit content.

In addition, Kid’s Search uses additional filtering technology. Kid’s Search also is open to volunteers that can help them improve the site and build their database of appropriate and inappropriate content.


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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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