“Kpedia” the Kiddle Encyclopedia: Description and Review

When search results are presented to your child, they are to links that keep them on the Kiddle website, without any external links that would allow the possibility of leaving the search website.
Kiddle Search Bar

In my review of the Kiddle website, I mentioned briefly that one of the aspects of the Kiddle website is an encyclopedia-type feature they refer to as “Kpedia”.

In another post detailing the most popular kid-friendly and kid-safe websites, I clarified the distinction between search websites and content/homework websites. A search website performs an internet search of other websites and presents results back to the user that allows them to navigate to another website. It is a difficult task to perform an internet search and carefully exclude objectionable content.

In the case of a content/homework website, when the results are presented to the user the results are all links that keep you on that website, without any external links that would allow the possibility of leaving the search website. Kiddle covers both of these, an internet search for kids and content/homework information.

The Kpedia section of the Kiddle website is a content platform for homework and education. It is a compilation of information contained within the Kiddle website and was created exclusively by the website editors.

There are licensing rules that have to be followed when citing articles owned by Kiddle under a licensing agreement known as an “Attribution ShareAlike License”.

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In my review of kid-friendly search websites, I mentioned two websites similar to the Kiddle encyclopedia that are self-contained information sites, they are “FactMonster” and “Teach the Children Well”.

One of the drawbacks of kid-friendly internet search sites is this.  Once your child clicks on a link from the search results, they leave the kid-friendly website and they are back on the wide-open internet. Fortunately, websites like Kpedia are self-contained. As long as your child keeps within the links presented, they stay on the kid-friendly, reasonably safe homework website. Another downside is that advertisements still appear at the top of the search results. They can occupy most of the first page of visible results.  If your child clicks on any of the ads, they immediately exit the kid-friendly website.

How It Works

From the Kiddle home page, select the Kpedia option just below the main search bar.

Kpedia navigation

On the rest of the above Kpedia homepage, there is a table of contents with major and minor categories. The major categories listed are:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • History and Geography
  • Biography
  • Philosophy and Psychology
  • Religion
  • Social Sciences
  • Language and Literature

Under those are an extensive list of subcategories and topics.

Kiddle Education Facts for Kids

As mentioned earlier, if you perform a search on the Kiddle Encyclopedia or the “Kpedia” section of the Kiddle search page, all of the results that are returned will be web pages within the kiddle website. Notice each of the URL’s listed in the Kiddle search for “California” returned results that are all part of the Kiddle website. See the circled text on the page below:

Kpedia search results California

There is no information posted on the Kiddle website describing the editorial effort at maintaining the information on “Kpedia”. Since it does not generally qualify as “current events” type of information, the effort to maintain it is likely reasonable.

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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