Punkt MP02 Minimalist Phone Review

Punkt Minimalist Cell Phone

If you are looking for a true minimalist phone, you might not need to look any further than the Punkt MP 02. This is a phone intentionally designed to meet the minimal specifications needed call and text, and not much more. The company was established by Petter Neby and is headquartered in Switzerland.  

The whole concept of a minimalist phone is to provide you with the minimal functions you NEED. And implicit in that definition is that a minimalist phone should not provide you with ANY of the distraction you don’t need.

One of the core concepts of Punkt, and minimalist phones in general, is that they allow you to focus on what is important, or, unlike a smartphone, that they allow you to focus at all. Anyone who has a “smartphone” knows how difficult it can be to focus for any length of time if you have your phone with you and the notifications turned on at all.

Some of the features of the phone as described on their website include:

The phone is an unlocked device that does not come with a SIM card. It uses LTE networks (in the US it can be used with T-Mobile and AT&T). It runs an Android operating system and uses Blackberry Secure software which runs in tandem with Android but makes it much more secure. The battery life is listed on their website as 4.2 hours of talk and 180 hours of standby (roughly a week) depending on how and where you use it. The phone is Wi-Fi capable; it has text messaging including MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). It also can import and sync contacts using a Bluetooth connection.

Because the phone is designed to be free from distractions, t does not display notifications when the screen is locked. It also does not display battery and signal strength on the home screen. These displays can be accessed through the menu system.

There is no “internet” with this phone. It connects to and uses networks but there is no ability to browse or use social media. And that, believe it or not, is its’ biggest selling point. It cost $349.00 from the Punkt website. There is no ability to download apps either.

Other Reviews

On YouTube you can watch “Unbox Therapy” do a quick, funny review of the Punkt MP02 phone.

Digital Trends also did a hands-on review of the Punkt MP02 phone. Andy Boxall wrote the review back in the Spring of 2019. This review also has a video hands-on review of the phone, its look and feel and the simple menu system.

Vlad Savov from The Verge offers his review of the Punkt phone. The subtitle of his article is “The phone that says, “I don’t need the internet with me everywhere I go”.

Now for the Bad News

Tech Advisor wrote a review of the Punkt phone. The author, Henry Burrell, tried to use the phone for a while. The phone had a long list of firmware and software problems that the company promised to solve in an upcoming release. That was the Summer of 2019. We are in early 2020 and the article has not been updated and the Punkt website still has promised updates listed. Henry gives the phone 2 stars out of 5.

On Amazon, one of the sellers had 5 reviews and a rating of 2.1 stars out of 5. To be fair, 5 reviews is not a lot to go on. Two of the reviews are 5 stars and three are one star. One of the one-star reviews is from a customer that is on Verizon which the website clearly states is not a supported carrier. Two of the one-star reviews had hardware problems with the phone. There is no way to tell if those issues were resolved and no way to tell how many purchasers had no issue which would give us a comparison of what percent of phones purchased had hardware issues.

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Terry Preece

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