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Teach the Children Well is more of a homework and website links reference site.
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Much like Fact Monster, Teach the Children Well is more of a homework and website links reference site. The difference being that Fact Monster keeps you always within their website. Teach the Children Well is a series of links that take you outside of their website to other resources on the internet.

Stated Objective:

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About Teach the Children Well:

There are no advertisements as part of this website. I assume Elaine Doolittle is funding the maintenance of the website on her own. She does not offer advertising opportunities so there is no other opportunity that I can see to defray her costs although the actual cost of running the website is probably minimal.

This site quickly takes you from Teach the Children Well to the open internet. There is no actual content on this site it is purely a directory or library of links to other sites.  It does remove the need to perform a Google search if you work your way through the pages to the various links. This would eliminate the possibility of receiving search results that contain objectionable material or content.


Teach the Children Well does not have a search bar. It is a comprehensive set of links to other websites on the internet. There are literally thousands of links to various webpages. One of the drawbacks to this approach is that stale content causes links to be broken. On of the first links I clicked on was an article about Asia on National Geographic. The content was no longer in the place it had originally been which caused me to be redirected to an error page.

This type of webpage requires constant maintenance if it is to be kept up to date and properly maintained. That is not a simple task. According to the website, this library of webpage links is maintained by an individual, namely, Elaine M. Doolittle M.Ed.

The main home page has many major topics with associated links. Shown is simply the beginning of the alphabetical list:

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In addition to the general topics list, there are other lists available. For example, there is a list of reference site also on the home page:

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Since this is not a true search engine the technology is that of a simple web page. It is a series of short cuts and links without any search capability.

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About the Author:

Terry has been an entrepreneur in the IT industry for over30 years. Go here to read his complete personal story, “Husband, father, Grandfather and IT Executive.” If you want to send Terry a quick message visit the contact page Here.

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Terry Preece

Terry Preece

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and IT Executive

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