WackySafe a Kid-friendly/Kid-safe Search Website: Overview

A kid-friendly search website using Google Custom Search and Google SafeSearch as well as custom filtering to allow a safe internet search experience for kids.
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Website link: https://wackysafe.com/

About Page: https://wackysafe.com/about.html

Here is our full review of all of the kid-friendly and kid-safe websites.


WackySafe is a typical kid-friendly and kid-safe search website. I assume it is powered by Goggle Custom Search with additional custom filtering. This assumption is based on the search results that are returned. They contain ads and the results and formatting appear to be from Google. The technology behind that additional filtering is identified on their website as “DinoFilter” (probably proprietary), Blocked Websites (Probably Google Custom Search) and Google SafeSearch. The tagline at the bottom of their home page identifies WackySafe as “The Safest Search Engine for kids”. That would obviously be difficult to prove, but it does filter content and provide a much better experience for kids than regular Google search provides.

WackySafe’s home page also says “Serving over 2 million children per year”. That must be mostly through their apps for Android and Amazon hardware. There is no app for Apple products which seems like it would dramatically limit their potential audience. In the U.S. Android has slightly more than half of the market and Apple slightly less than half. The traffic report from SEMRush does not support the 2 million per year claim through the website alone.

Stated Objective:

WackySafe™ is a fun and safe search engine for kids of all ages, with the aim of ensuring your child remains safe when browsing the web. The search results emphasize kid-related websites and webpages from across the entire web and are powered by Google Custom Search™ and use Google SafeSearch™ technology.”

About WackySafe:

If the traffic shown below is accurate then WackySafe seems to have peaked in terms of traffic in early 2019 with very limited traffic last year or later in the current calendar year (2019). Even at their peak, their traffic was fairly low compared with other kid-friendly search websites. It is possible that the bulk of their traffic is through their apps which are available for Android and Amazon products. I don’t have a way to measure that traffic.

WackySafe will accept donations to help cover the costs of hosting the service, “P.S This tool was created for free and is hosted for on a private webserver. Any donations are welcome and will contribute to maintenance costs. Every little helps.”

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WackySafe is a typical Kid-friendly search website with a search bar for entering search terms. It also has the ability for audio input so that a child that cannot type could actually speak their search terms to get the desired search results.

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There are also a series of quick links to search a wiki or for images, news, etc. related to your search terms.

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WackySafe appears to use Google Custom Search but it is not explicitly stated. WackySafe also uses Googles’ SafeSearch feature which blocks sexually explicit content. Their website states that “All sites appearing on WackySafe satisfy family-friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content.”

WackySafe™ screens for sites that may contain unsuitable content and removes them from your child’s search results. We make use of a vast database to check whether keywords, phrases, and URLs are suitable for children.”

WackySafe has an app for Android and Amazon mobile devices. There is currently no option for Apple devices.

Traffic most recent 12 months according to SEMrush:

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Terry Preece

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